We supply and fit a range of tyres for all budgets. From low cost budget tyres though to high performance and winter tyres.

Whilst your car is with us for it's MOT we will advise on your tyre condition and what action you should take, be it with us or another tyre supplier. We do this because when it comes to braking, good tyres are as important as good brake pads and discs.

Please note: It's illegal to have insufficient tread on your  tyres and you can expect to receive 3 points on your license for each tyre that's not road worthy.

Tyre tread and stopping distances: It's important to realise that a poorly worn tyre has very little stopping distance, making your car a potential safety hazard not just to yourself but other motorists. 

To see what we mean, watch the video made by 5th Gear on the subject of tyre wear and stopping distances. It's quite an education.

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