MOT Centre in Peterborough

At Woodston MOT Centre when you partake of an MOT with us we carry out a full inspection of your car, van, 4x4 to ensure its roadworthy at the time we test it in compliance with VOSA and the Ministry of Transport. All cars, vans and 4x4's are due an MOT test 3 years after they were initially registered and then every year after.

Checks we make during your MOT Centre in Peterborough include:

  • Body and Structure. We check that the vehicles body is free from excessive corrosion. We also check specific areas for other damage, that there are no sharp edges that could cause harm and that things like tow bars are correctly fitted and that their condition is good.
  • The Fuel System. We check that there are no leaks from the fuel system and we check that all caps seal properly.
  • Emissions. When we MOT your vehicle we check that it complies legal requirements for exhaust emissions, we also take into account the age and the fuel the vehicle uses.
  • The Exhaust System. The exhaust system needs to be secured to the chassis without any serious leaks or "heavy" noise.
  • Seats. We check that all seats are safe and secure.
  • Seat Belts. During the MOT VOSA insists that all seat belts are properly installed, they are the correct type, in good condition and operate correctly. All compulsory seat belts need to be in place at the time of the MOT.
  • Doors. We check that doors open from the inside and outside and that they close securely.
  • Mirrors. We check that the vehicle has the minimum amount of mirrors, their condition and that they are securely attached.
  • The Boot. When in the "closed" position the boot, hatchback or tailgate must be secure.
  • Brakes. This is one of the most key parts of an MOT. We check their condition, their ability to operate correctly, performance and condition.
  • Tyres. Another key check, we check for condition, how secure they are and depth of tread.
  • Registration Plates. We check the overall condition of the plates as well as "colour" and that all the characters are correctly spaced.
  • Lights. During the MOT we test the lights for their overall condition and operation as well as the headlight aim.
  • Bonnet. The bonnet must close securely.
  • Windscreen. The windscreen must be clean and void of cracks and allow good visibility.
  • Wipers and Washers. These must work without fail and allow for good visibility in all weathers.
  • Horn. During the MOT the horn is checked for operation and suitability.
  • Steering and Suspension. Both are tested for "play" as well as condition and operation.
  • VIN (Vehicle Identification Number) These are on all vehicles first used from August 1980 onwards and only a single vehicle identification number should be displayed unless of course you have a multi-stage build vehicle.

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