Car diagnostics in Peterborough

Our certified diagnostic technician can diagnose problems quickly and accurately. Using multiple diagnostic systems including Wurth WOW, VagCom, Socia and Snap On Modis we're pretty confident that we have most vehicles covered.

Every vehicle owner wants the best level of performance from their vehicle, be it a car or a van. With constant use, certain systems may stop performing to their optimum.

Car diagnostics in Woodston.

Do you have a stalling problem?

Do you get excessive smoke coming from the exhaust?

Are you making more trips to the petrol station than you normally do? Overheating? Misfires?

With the latest diagnostic equipment our technician at Woodston Motorist Centre can diagnose any shortcomings.

We can then re-tune your car to give you -

Better Performance

Better Reliability 

Better Economy 

Reduced Emissions